You’re a NOTUS fan? And you’d like to actively contribute to NOTUS? 


There are several ways you can actively contribute to NOTUS:

• communication and public dissemination: the more people worldwide are made aware of the existence of NOTUS, the better. For example, you can forward our newsletters to your acquaintances, you can post about NOTUS on your social media channels, and, of course, there’s always word-of-mouth: tell your club, association, family, etc. all about NOTUS!

• transcription of royalty-free, conventional piano scores to NOTUS scores: interested in becoming an accredited NOTUS transcriber? This way, more NOTUS piano scores can be made available more quickly. Contact us using the form below.

• creation of new compositions that incorporate the NOTUS features designed to meet specific, new creative challenges. We’d really like to see new compositions for beginners, for four-handed piano and for 2 (or more) pianos. We’d also love to see a course and new pieces for beginners who are physically limited to the use of one hand …  Contact us using the form below.

• new project: have an idea to collaborate on a new project? Just want to get to know each other and explore the possibilities? Or maybe you have an idea that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories? Contact us using the form below.

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You’re inspired by NOTUS and its vision and want to support us financially? AMAZING!

NOTUS is a private initiative with very limited funding via the sale of NOTUS publications. Unfortunately the amount raised through these sales is currently too small to cover even the most essential costs (site maintenance, transportation, promotion, translations, etc.).

Your financial support really makes a difference in helping NOTUS achieve its humanitarian goal of making notated music accessible to all. There are three donation formulas, each with their own NOTUS rewards:

• donations 15 to 49 euro: you become a Friend of NOTUS and receive the PDF of the NOTUS HANDBOOK as a thank you for your donation;

• donations 50 to 499 euro: you become a NOTUS Sponsor and receive the PDF of the NOTUS Handbook, a printed version of a textbook of your choice and a PDF of sheet music of your choice.

• donations of 500 euro or more: you become a NOTUS VIP with the option of having your name or company mentioned on the NOTUS website. You will receive the PDF of the HANDBOOK, a printed version of the PIANO FOUNDATION Textbook as well as the printed version of PIANO TEXTBOOK 1 and a printed version of a sheet music publication of your choice.

And, if you don’t want to learn the piano yourself, you can always use these gifts to make a friend or a family member happy / convince them to finally learn the piano like they always wanted …

You may indicate below the amount you would like to donate to the NOTUS account BE89 9731 6625 3485 (BIC: ARSPBE22). Upon receipt of your donation, we will contact you via the provided email address to send you your NOTUS rewards.

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