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Ma’Go! – Antwerp

School voor Music, Word and Dance — Mechelsesteenweg 125 — Antwerp.

In the upcoming new school year 2021-’22, the module ‘PIANO with NOTUS for adults’ will be organized for the third year in row.
The module ‘PIANO with NOTUS’ is a new module that grows every school year. The first three years are set up as MUSIC CULTURE 1, 2 and 3. From school year 2021-’22, the 3rd year will be set up.

The module ‘PIANO with NOTUS’ is the ideal formula for adults who are limited in time, (or/and) who are somewhat reluctant to receive a ‘normal’ music education or/and who have a lot of problems with reading conventional music notation and even think about quitting music studies and dropping out of school for that reason. Because NOTUS learns so easily and quickly, there is little stress among adult beginners, even though in MUSIC CULTURE 1 during the first trimester one learns to read ALL notes and play ALL keys.

This initiation goes much further than just getting acquainted because one learns all the information and basic music theory while sitting at the piano. After those first three years of Music Culture, both the notated music and the piano and its technique have given up their greatest secrets and people have also become acquainted with numerous composers, music styles and music genres, through which the concept of ‘interpretation’ has been experienced. One is clearly prepared for the higher piano years 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 in which the compositions are late intermediate and beginning advanced  and rhythms, genres, piano technique and interpretation are further refined and expanded in combination with ensemble playing and music studio.

Info and registrations: Secretariat Ma’GO or via the site





The intergenerational piano project ‘NOTUS 12+’ in the Brussels-Capital Region will take place from 2021, September 16th, in the spaces of LaboLobo vzw (Brussels).

The project involves teaching two people of different generations (e.g. senior and young adult) to learn to play the piano at the same time.
Depending on the registrations, different duos are formed. Each duo receives weekly ‘PIANO with NOTUS’ lessons (45′) at the piano in the same classroom.
This enables fascinating and instructive encounters between people of different cultures, backgrounds and ages who share the same goal: to be able to play the piano.

DUO Piano Learning is a new term that we would like to add to the vocabulary. By using NOTUS Music Notation, the classical method ‘piano four hands’ is fulfilled from the first lesson in a contemporary social way, i.e. communication via piano as a didactic tool for solfège about the entire piano. At the same time, the lessons are a preparation for ‘real’ pieces of piano four hands that can be introduced at the end of the 2nd trimester through the use of NOTUS Music Notation.

Info and registrations: from July 2021 in LaboLobo vzw, Firmin Lecharlierlaan 4, 1090 Jette — Phone 02 270 34 11 — mail: — website:




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Active contribution possibilities:
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• creation of new compositions,
• new project or idea?

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