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The first 37 pages of the NOTUS PIANO FOUNDATION Textbook offer an easy, stress-free way to acquire the foundations of piano while learning to read and play the notes E, G and C in all their positions across the piano keyboard.

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With this FREE part of the PIANO COURSE, all that remains for you to do is to … practice daily …

That’s right: daily practice is still important no matter the instrument or system of notation.
We recommend two 30-minute practice sessions each day.

The same is required for any piano course. The difference is that NOTUS guarantees that you will be able to play ALL THE NOTES of the piano – that means ALL WHITE AND BLACK PIANO KEYS – in just three to four months. Now THAT’S what we call learning the piano. Many other piano courses may teach you to memorize a few pieces in the same time span, without you having any real grasp of the notes you’re playing. Perhaps, like many others, you’ve already paid for other piano courses that have proven a disappointment. Well, because we are so convinced about the power of NOTUS Music Notation and its PIANO course, we’re giving you the first 37 pages for free. This way you can find out for yourself without any financial risk.

Below you can listen to two pieces from the NOTUS PIANO FOUNDATION Textbook (pp. 78, 80). Charles Wilton is an English composer who lived in the time of Mozart and Beethoven. Bartók is a world renowned composer and music educator who lived in the first half of the 20th century. Both pieces start almost identically, but soon evolve into completely different compositions. Wilton’s Little Sonata is playful and cheerful, while Bartók’s piece is more abstract and serious. You will discover more variations in style and composition period in the many exercises (134 in total!) and short pieces in the NOTUS PIANO FOUNDATION Textbook.

Both pieces are played using only the white piano keys, which you will be comfortable playing after six to eight weeks. How FANTASTIC is that? In the six to eight weeks after that, you will become familiar with the black keys and encounter more varied and challenging pieces. Although, both musically and technically, you will still have a lot to learn (that’s what the daily practice is for), your love for the piano will already have become unshakeable after making such great progress so quickly. And trust us when we say that this kind of speedy progress is only possible with NOTUS Music Notation!

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4. the REPORT on the NOTUS Music-pedagogical RESEARCH PROJECT at Antwerp’s Royal Conservatoire;

5. a GUIDE to TRANSCRIBING conventional notation to NOTUS.

6. three different kinds of blank manuscript with single-octave-anchor staves;

7. two different kinds of blank manuscript with double-octave-anchor staves;


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