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to conventional
music notation.


NO KNOWLEDGE (or very little) of MUSIC and PIANO?

Looking for an easy yet meaningful hobby in music?
Short on time but still want to learn piano?

Flummoxed by complex, conventional notation but don’t want to quit the piano?
Ready to make your piano and music dreams come true?

NOTUS Music notation and the course ‘PIANO with NOTUS’ are for you!

Discover the THREE SECRETS of the UNIQUE and EFFECTIVE NOTUS system!
And LEARN the FOUNDATIONS of MUSIC simultaneously!

There’s also a brochure to supplement the video.

The NOTUS brochure is a part of the FREE download NOTUS PACKAGE. The brochure provides info on the goal and target group of NOTUS and contains a short summary of its principal innovations and pedagogical advantages as compared to conventional notation. Plus a number of comparative scores (NOTUS versus conventional notation) for various instruments and grades and the
case study ‘NOTUS notation for accordion’.

WHAT are people saying about NOTUS? NOVICES — TEACHERS — COMPOSERS

Anne D.M. — age 58 — housewife

1st year ‘PIANO with NOTUS’

I’ve got the hang of playing the piano thanks to NOTUS. It’s enriched my life significantly. An hour of piano every day after breakfast has become an enjoyable ritual.
I never thought I could learn at this age what I so wanted to learn when I was younger (but never managed to due to circumstances).
But now I know: I can do it!
Thank you, NOTUS!

Sabine R. — age 57

composer / teacher / pianist

With 30 years of experience in adult education, I was very interested to work on the music-pedagogical research project on NOTUS.
I now have 2.5 years of practical experience with NOTUS and have adopted this didactic approach in my own teaching.
In the third trimester of the first year, it was surprising to me that the adults were able to play a new piece so well after just one week and with abundant attention being paid to tempo and dynamics.
It’s so straight-forward to decipher a NOTUS score that one ends up with more time to work on issues of musicality. As a teacher I find this especially agreeable.
Having worried that it would be too early to introduce four-hand piano in the first year, it actually proved very successful, with the NOTUS learners responding intuitively to each other.
Such good results in the short term serve to boost the learner’s motivation and their desire to make further progress. This enthusiasm is a fantastic result for NOTUS! As such, I would absolutely recommend NOTUS for people who find conventional notation a limitation.

Zoë P. — age 32 — architect

2nd year ‘PIANO with NOTUS’

In conventional notation, the
reading of the treble clef is not all
that difficult. It’s really the sharps, flats and other symbols – not to mention the notes suspended above or below the staff –
that make it so difficult.

NOTUS provides a good solution to these issues. In NOTUS, the notation is written in octave groups that are consistent whatever the
pitch. This makes it quick and easy to learn, flattening the learning curve remarkably.
NOTUS is the perfect alternative for those looking for an approach more suited to them or who find the threshold of conventional notation too high.

Tania  D. B. — age 59 — designer

3rd year ‘PIANO with NOTUS’

Following an accident, I was left with a brain injury and sought to use music in my rehabilitation, as it is known that music stimulates the brain in many ways.

Thanks to its consistent internal logic, NOTUS is quick to learn: I was able to play a piece from Erik Satie’s Enfantines after just one year at the piano. The following year I practised Satie’s Gymnopédie nr. 2 and many other pieces. With my slower-working brain, I prefer beautiful, slow piano pieces or pieces for one hand.

Without NOTUS I would certainly have given up long ago because I would not have been able to learn the technical side of an instrument and master the complex conventional notation at the same time.

Kathleen T. — age 68 — retiree

1st year ‘PIANO with NOTUS’

I chose to try NOTUS Music Notation because with conventional notation I was obliged to follow lessons together with children and at their pace. With NOTUS Music Notation
I save time and am able to learn notation at the same time as actually playing the piano.
I find NOTUS to be clear, logical and much simpler than conventional notation.

Daniel V. — age 24

pianist / teacher

I teach piano according to the NOTUS method. Because the very clear notation on three staff lines remains the same across the whole keyboard, there are only seven basic notes to learn.
This considerably reduces the time needed to master the entire piano keyboard.

It is also true that second and third year students rarely make reading errors with NOTUS.
This is in contrast to conventional notation, where reading errors are common in the first years.
Looking back on my own training, during the first year we were forced to limit ourselves to the middle register of the piano.
Everything beyond that contained too much information for a beginner.
This difficult information was gradually learned over several years. As a result, a lot of repertoire remained closed for a long time.
First-year NOTUS learners do not experience this hindrance and after three months can already read and play all white keys in all registers with competence.

Frank A. — age 52

composer / teacher / pianist 

Through my critical assessment of the NOTUS Handbook, I understood that NOTUS was primarily focused on a specific target group and
that NOTUS corrected a number of illogical weaknesses in conventional music notation in an exceptionally clear and efficient manner. Drawing on his background in graphic design,
Erwin Clauws has developed a radical new system that meets the requirements of contemporary visual communication.

A great many advantages of the system were shown during the academic music-pedagogical research project. NOTUS is clearly past its developmental phase. NOTUS deserves widespread recognition
and practical application.
In short, the creation of NOTUS is not only admirable but necessary for a wide range of people looking to begin music lessons.

Gabriël K. — age 44 — technician

2nd year ‘PIANO with NOTUS’

A piano in my hobby room.
A present for my 43rd birthday.
What a dream come true!

But the joy didn’t last long.
For three months I trudged to the piano lessons. Great expectations had become towering frustration, because I could not wrap my head around conventional notation.

Just before Christmas, I found out about the NOTUS piano course. After the Christmas break, I had already improved so much that even my teacher adopted the system. A fantastic system for making dreams come true!

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