The publications of the NOTUS PIANO COURSE can be used for self-study, private lessons or music school tuition.
The difficulty level of the content increases progressively. Music theory is integrated through so-called ‘music theory intermezzos’. New notation features and music terminology are always clarified at the bottom of the page. Each publication is approximately 100 pages.
With the PIANO FOUNDATION TEXTBOOK, you will learn ALL the notes and ALL the keys of the piano keyboard within the first 3 to 4 months. This leads you into PIANO TEXTBOOK 1, which should take you 6 to 8 months to complete, depending on your commitment and the amount of daily practice you undertake. PIANO TEXTBOOK 2 and subsequent textbooks are devised in the same manner.

Click on the images to visit the product page for each publication. There you will find a detailed description. This description is supplemented by example pages from the book and the book’s table of contents.

For each book you will find there are three versions, all three with the same content:
– first, there is the PRINTED BOOK, which is professionally bound with a nice metal spiral binding so that it stays open on the piano stand while you study – because there’s nothing more annoying than textbooks that fall shut or that you have to crease and thus damage in order to stay open. The cover is printed on 300 g fingerprint-resistant glossy paper.
– then there is a PDF version you can print. This has the advantage of zero shipping costs for overseas customers, but the disadvantage that, after printing, the pages will still have to be bound. The quality of the print may also be seriously lacking due to the use of non-professional home printers. Of course, NOTUS cannot be held responsible for any loss of print quality as we use the same PDF for our high-quality printed copies;
– the third version is the non-printable PDF. This version can’t be printed at home and can only be viewed on your tablet, laptop, smartphone or desktop computer.

A printed book costs 28 euros (not including shipping), the printable PDF is 21 euros and the non-printable PDF costs 14 euros.


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